Child development research suggests that schools, along with the family and peer group, are one of the most influential social contexts for children’s development. In the United States, poor educational attainment is a major cause of poverty, and poverty is a key influence on academic failure, therefore it should not be surprising that poverty tends to be chronic, or that poor achievement has massive costs to individuals and society (Arnold & Doctoroff, 2003). Numerous factors contribute to the relation between SES and educational outcomes, including birth weight; nutrition, housing quality, and access to health care (Bradley & Corwyn 2002). Unfortunately, while children living in poverty will likely require extra educational resources to counteract their poverty, schools serving low-SES children receive much lower public funding than schools serving higher-SES children (Arnold & Doctoroff, 2003). Furthermore, during the past decade the American public has been exposed to an intense debate relating to the real and perceived inadequacies of public education and in particular, the improvement of reading instruction in our schools (Taylor, Pearson, Peterson, & Rodriguez, 2005).        

          In 2001, the No Child Left Behind Act was enacted to increase accountability and performance standards for public schools, and it was anticipated that this new legislation would close the achievement gaps and ensure that all students, regardless of any existing disadvantage could make significant achievement gains in schools. Unfortunately, with the exception of research on class size, little evidence is available to evaluate the effects of various reform efforts of the past 25 years on student learning and motivation, and even fewer studies have examined how these different reform efforts influence important aspects of the classroom or school environment that young people experience (Meece, Anderman, & Anderman, 2006). Therefore, the researcher intends to add to this research deficit by shedding light on the most effective way to motivate students to read by positively reinforcing their intrinsic motivation towards reading.

One main reason why the researcher chose reading achievement as a problem to explore is because there is a growing consensus of key elements in a successful reading program. In this consensus, the teacher is the main focus. Not only is the teacher the main focal point, but the quality of instruction he or she delivers is also being heavenly scrutinized because the quality of instruction the students receive is a major factor in their reading success (Meece, Anderman, & Anderman, 2006). The International Reading Association (2000) listed the following as research based qualities of excellent classroom teachers:

          1. They understand reading and writing development, and believe all        children can learn to read and write.

          2. They continually assess children’s individual progress and relate          reading instruction to children’s previous experiences.

          3. They know a variety of ways to teach reading, when to use each method, and how to combine the methods into an effective instructional      program.

          4. They offer a variety of materials and texts for children to read.

          5. They use flexible grouping strategies to tailor instruction to individual students.

          6. They are good reading “coaches”-that is, they provide help strategically          
Meece, Anderman, & Anderman, 2006).

          In conclusion, research indicates that young people adopt the most positive and adaptive approach to learning when the school environment emphasizes learning, understanding, and improving skills and knowledge (Meece, Anderman, & Anderman, 2006). Through researching the problem of reading achievement, the researcher will add to the growing body of knowledge already surrounding reading motivation, the programs being used, what works best to not only increase student’s intrinsic motivation, but what works best to increase student achievement overall. Thus, the proposed research problem: How can one increase a student’s intrinsic motivation towards reading?


References Arnold, D.H. & Doctoroff, G.L. (2003). The early education of socioeconomically           disadvantaged children. Annual Review of Psychology, 54, 517-545.

Bradley, R.H. & Corwyn, R.F. (2002). Socioeconomic status and child       development. Annual Review of Psychology, 53, 371-399.

Meece, J.L., Anderman, E.M., & Anderman, L.H. (2006). Classroom goal   structure, student motivation, and academic achievement. Annual   Review of Psychology, 57, 487-503.


Taylor, B.M., Pearson, P.D., Peterson, D.S., & Rodriguez, M.C. (2005). The         CIERA school change framework: An evidence-based approach to professional development and school reading improvement. Reading Research Quarterly, 40, 40-69.





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How can one increase a student’s intrinsic motivation towards reading?


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The clock is ticking and you don't want to lose out simply because you filed too late. We have the experience necessary to assess your case and guide you through the appeal process.


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